Almost all of the most popular health and fitness apps will have both a free version and one that you can pay for. The paid version is commonly referred to as the ‘pro’ version, and it is usually those who are very dedicated and want to take their exercise regime to a whole new level who choose to pay for this version. But is it worth paying for the pro version?

Those who are just starting out – regardless of the sporting activity – should consider just downloading the free version of the app that they want. All too often, we get started on a sport or a health regime and give up when we find out that it doesn’t really suit us. Then it means finding something new. The free version of each app gives you an opportunity to ‘test drive’ it so you can figure out whether it does what you want it to do before you invest in a more complex version.

However, those who have already been running or cycling, for example, might find the free versions a little too basic for their needs. They have already established a fitness routine and need a health and fitness simulator to push them to the next level. In this case, it can be worthwhile to pay for the pro version because it is the more advanced challenges that you need.

With a growing number of apps that don’t have a free version, user reviews are a great source of information on health and fitness apps. Taking a look at the health and fitness simulator product reviews will highlight the difference between two versions of the same app and whether or not other users consider it to be a good idea to pay for premium apps that don’t give you the ‘test drive’ option.